Filter Technology

Manufacturing and Packaging of Medicinal Products

Finished Dosage Forms

Generic and Biosimilar Medicines


Production of Ointments, Creams and Gels

Injectables Plant & Solid Forms Plant

Custom and Generic Drug Products

Generic Medicines

Pharmacutical, Neutraceutical & Cosmacutical, Ingredients

Organic Chemicals

Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Herbal Medicinal Products

Wide Range of Therapeutic Categories

Pharmaceutical Products and Nutritional Supplements

Clinical Trial or Commercial Supply

Chiral Substances

Herbal Extracts and OTC Products

Generic Drugs

Finished Products

Fine Chemicals and Intermediates

Contract Manufacturing Services Provider

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Manufacturer Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Plant Cell Fermentation Technology

manufacturer of APIs

Manufacturer of Generic Drugs

Manufacturer of Food Supplements and Dermocosmetics

Contract Dosage Form Development Company

Production of Liquid and Semi-Solid Dosage Forms

Manufacturers of Oleochemical Products

API's and Advanced Pharma Intermediates

Manufacturers of Laboratory Reagents and Chemicals

Veterinary Medicine

Specialty Chemicals and Global Supply

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Derived from animal Organs and Tissues

Contract Manufacturer and Partner

Manufacturer and Distributes Essential Chemicals

Therapeutic Applications

Commodity Chemicals and Consumer Products

Manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Tablet Coating Machinery & Systems

Manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Veterinary Drug Residues

Polyfoil Tubes

Supply of Generic Products

Manufacturer of Drug Delivery Devices

Cleanroom Cleaning Service

Homogenizers for the Cosmetics Industry

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Machines

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